Sean Fitzgerald, PG 

Based in Durham, North Carolina, USA, M. Fitzgerald is specialised in Geology, Mineralogy and testing methods. Currently the President and Founder of Fitzgerald Analytical Consulting & Testing, M. Fitzgerald has over 35 years of experience in the field :

  • Licensed geologist, 
  • Abatement project supervisor, 
  • NIOSH 582, 
  • EPA Asbestos inspector, 

He directed, supervised Asbestos, heavy metals and microbiology laboratories throughout the United States.
Over the course of this event, M. Fitzgerald will be speaking about the recent finds of Asbestos in cosmetics, a topic that has gained worldwide attention over the past 5 years. 

Throughout his career, M. Fitzgerald has discovered thanks to his analytical test protocols, Asbestos in several make-up brands, various other talc-based products, and even in children’s toys.

M. Fitzgerald has also written two book chapters on Asbestos, one on natural occurrences, and the other on the history of talc and asbestos relationship.