Charles Pickles

Based in Consett, Co Durham, UK. M. Pickles is specialised in the Asbestos field in campaigning for improving standards to manage Asbestos In-situ. In addition to, he is currently the founder of “Airtight on Asbestos Campaign” in London.  

M. Pickles started off in 1999 as an Asbestos consultant. In 2002 he co-founded Lucion Environmental, which went on to become the UK’s leading asbestos consultancy. 

In 2019 he sold his stake in the company and now campaigns for improving standards asbestos legislation, consultancy and management within the UK. 

M. Pickles is also the founder of the first commercial electron microscopy laboratory in the UK and is an innovator and developer of Asbestos digital data collection and database management. 

During our event M. Pickles will be speaking about how the UK has the greatest prevalence and highest incidence of asbestos disease in the world, but also how the approach to addressing this problem is lacking and dated. During his speech he will also speak about how they can improve the situation and highlight recent progress.