The club’s objective is to bring members together to meet and discuss ideas at various points throughout the year. The club will pursue Asbestonomy’s mission to reduce the risk of asbestos exposure around the world. As experts, we want to tackle our social responsibility around the asbestos problem head-on.
Members of the club, known as Asbestonomers, are committed to sharing the mission and values of Asbestonomy:

  • a desire to share our knowledge, 
  • a strong work ethic and integrity, 
  • a commitment to the fighting against asbestos exposure.


In 2023, we hope to set up 4 different work groups. The following topics have been selected:

  • international asbestos register and asbestos data sharing
  • Occupational and environmental exposure limits
  • Innovations to limit the risk of exposure
  • Glossary and definitions document

Innovation working group and International Laboratory Association are already on ! Do you want to join or to suggest a working group ? contact us at :

Starting in 2023, club membership guarantees access to the following

Work groups
Bi-monthly Asbestonomy newsletter
Media content, including replays of 2022 conferences
The members’ directory
Our asbestos guide in French and English (subject to availability)
Discounted rates, including a 50€ reduction on the Asbestonomy 2024 event.