An evening of exchange and networking, followed by a projection of BREATHLESS, the film.

« After the death of his father and many others in his village in Flanders, filmmaker Daniel Lambo embarks on an exciting quest to uncover the truth about the dangerous asbestos industry. His research takes him to the largest open-air asbestos dump in India and reveals a compassionate industry that still endangers the lives of workers and consumers around the world. A fascinating film about the struggle of human beings against an industry that is still growing. »

  • Asbestos State of Art
Updates on how the European Parliament works on protecting workers from asbestos, zoom on the best asbestos management practices and regulations around the world, analysis of gaps between countries and opening to worldwide cohesion.
  • Focus on the European Parliament Works – by MEP Nikolaj Villumsen 
  • Impact of asbestos on society and the need for innovations – by Yvonne Waterman
  • Update on Flemish asbestos management and the next steps – by  Sven de Mulder
  • Improve the UK asbestos standards, approach and apetite – by Charles Pickles


SPEAKERS : Nikolaj Villumsen (MEP European Asbestos Directive) – Yvonne Waterman (Lawyer and founder of European Asbestos Foundation) – Sven de Mulder (OVAM Flemish gov) – Charles Pickles  (UK Asbestos Campaign leader). 

Asbestos Detection

Zoom on the exposure and toxicology of asbestos fibres (variety and characterisation), open debate on the necessity to detect and count all fibre types, including but not limited to WHO fibres (thin and short). Presentation of analysis techniques around the world (PCM, SEM, TEM), disagreement between countries and recommendation. What should we follow ? 

  • Asbestos in cosmetics : What are the analytical testing protocols ?  – by Sean Fitzgerald
  • How did France switch from PCM to TEM for air monitoring ? What are the feedbacks today ?  – by Martine Chouvet  


Sean Fitzgerald (President and Founder of Fitzgerald Analytical Consulting & Testing Services (FACTS, Pllc)) – Martine Chouvet (ITGA Technical Director) 

ACM Digital Management

Now that the asbestos has been detected, and that we live in a fast pace digital environment, how do we benefit from this technological transition to better manage ACM in-situ and better protect our people ? A key to raise awarness on in-situ asbestos management could be by using digital tools. 
  • Data management throughout the asbestos life cycle, from the detection to asbestos removal – by  Benoît Lanlard
  • The importance of communication on Asbestos data, how do we deal with all third parties, specifically in schools ?  – by  Andrew Paten 
  • Practical cases from different countries using digital management on a  city / council / government level – by  Simone Stevenson and Santiago Jimenez 
SPEAKERS : Benoît Lanlard (ITGA IT director) – Andrew Paten (CEO of UKNAR CEO) – Santiago Jimenez (ACM Manager of Aléa Contrôles (Spain)) – Simone Stevenson (CEO of Victorian Asbestos Eradication Agency).

ACM Removal and Waste Innovation

Find out more about innovations and different techniques in asbestos removal and waste management (alternatives of burying), to ensure the workers protection.

  • Evolution and new revolutions in prevention of risk and removal techniques: pratical case involving digitalisation, innovative equipement and robots! 
  • Diverting asbestos away from landfill – by Graham Gould 
  • Recycle asbestos waste in a sustainable way thanks to vitrification – by Olivier Pla
SPEAKER : Graham Gould (Chairman at Thermal Reycling UK) – Olivier Pla (SEVP Development Europlasma)