Dr. Yvonne Waterman

Based in Wouwse Plantage, the Netherlands. Dr. Yvonne Waterman is specialised in Asbestos liability law & global networking in the Asbestos sector. She is currently Owner and Director of Waterman Legal Consultancy, Founder and President of the European Asbestos Forum Foundation and President of the expert Center for the Asbestos & Fibrer foundation.  

As well as twenty-two years of experience of attending asbestos conferences, Dr. Yvonne Waterman has obtained numerous achievements such as:  

  • Ph.D. in law
  • Founding of the European Asbestos Forum Foundation 
  • Wide recognition for asbestos knowledge, raising awareness on asbestos dangers, creating a global asbestos network, speaking skills  

During our event Dr Waterman will be adressing different topics, such as relevance of reliable mortality statistics, impact of asbestos on society, the need for innovation and denaturation of asbestos. 

Dr. Waterman accepted our request to speak at ASBESTONOMY22 because “helping each other makes the world a better place” and raising awareness against asbestos is just the start of the hard work against banning Asbestos globally.