Martine Chouvet

Based in Saint-Etienne, France, Ms. Chouvet has been at ITGA since 1997. She started off as a laboratory manager, then in 2006 became a Technical Manager in the industrial hygiene department and has been the Technical Director since 2013.  

Ms. Chouvet specialises in industrial hygiene, indoor quality air, asbestos development and validation of test methods.  Ms. Chouvet obtained her Chemical engineer (material option) in 1994, after having gone to the National Chemistry School of Toulouse. Ms. Chouvet has numerous achievements in this sector, such as:   

  • French Standardization: Since 1996 – Participation in Commission X43C : Workplaces Atmospheres  
  • European standardization: Since 2012 – Participation in the Technical Committee 137: “Workplace exposure — Measurement of exposure by inhalation to chemical agents — Strategy for testing compliance with occupational exposure limit values”  
  • INRS: Since 2009: Members of the Scientific Committee for the Department Pollutant Metrology  
  • CHU Montreal: Collaboration from 2015 on the development of Bayesian tools for the interpretation of results in industrial hygiene 

During the second conference, Ms. Chouvet will be speaking on how France switched from PCM to TEM air monitoring and on the different feedbacks from her experiences. Ms. Chouvet has become a reference in terms of asbestos analysis in France and is eager to share her experience internationally.