Simone Stevenson

Based in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia, Ms. Stevenson is specialised in asbestos management until the removal of asbestos. Currently Ms. Stevenson is the CEO of Victorian Asbestos Eradication Agency, and has numerous experiences in:

• Occupational health and safety policy application to asbestos legacies in built environment,

• Policy development across occupational health and safety,

• Worker’s compensation,

• Industrial/workplace relations,

• Health and international development.

Ms. Stevenson worked as a ministerial policy adviser in occupational health, safety and employment. This included providing advice on the establishment of the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency (Australian Government), the development of the National Strategic Plan for Asbestos Management and Awareness.

During the event Ms. Stevenson will be talking about the fact that Australia and Europe are working towards safe prioritised removal of asbestos materials from buildings. In 2017 Victoria State worked on consolidating information on asbestos in government buildings to plan for prioritised asbestos removal. This work has highlighted opportunities to proactively plan for prioritised asbestos removal as well as challenges in the way information on asbestos is maintained and updated and the need to create a building and asbestos material digital history.

Throughout her career Ms. Stevenson has developed a consolidated electronic register of government owned buildings and their asbestos profile to inform consistent risk assessment. Ms. Stevenson has made a history of asbestos contained materials and is also involved in Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency (ASEA) Council and Co-chair ASEA Asbestos Awareness Committee.

Ms. Stevenson will be speaking at ASBESTONOMY to help create a global network to take action and tackle the lethal legacy of asbestos that remains in our built environment. Asbestonomy is the most effective way to share knowledge and experiences.