Santiago Jimenez

Based in Toulouse, France, Mr. Jimenez is specialised in asbestos air sampling and workers training. He is also responsible for the management of an accredited laboratory. He is currently at the head of the Spanish Strategy and Development of Aléa Contrôles.

During our event, Mr. Jimenez will be speaking about in-situ asbestos management, a subject he knows well from his 6 years of experience in the international asbestos industry. Based on his achievements such as the creation of a technical QMS adapted for the asbestos industry, he will be addressing the matter of improvement of asbestos system in Spain as well as the importance of data and information management.

Mr. Jimenez considers that asbestos is a public health issue. To deal with it, he always follows a concept of deontological ethics that includes impartiality, curiosity, and respect.

Mr. Jimenez has accepted to come and talk at ASBESTONOMY 2022 to learn and share all kind of information that will allow people to live in clean and safer spaces.