Jasper Kosters

Best practices of asbestos removal from all over the world

As a professional expert He travels the world attending and speaking at all sorts of asbestos related conferences. During these events he comes into contact with a wide variety of best practice asbestos removal techniques. As a strong believer of sharing information so we can all benefit from it, He would like to present a selection of some of the best techniques he came across.

Jasper Kosters

Director/Owner of Admanstars, Admanstars Advies and Admanstars Projects – in Hellevoetsluis, The Netherlands

Jasper Kosters is an international independent consultant for industry parties as well as for buyers and suppliers of asbestos-related services. 

An example of this is his role is his membership of the MT of AC Minerals, a factory in development for processing asbestos cement products into completely asbestos-free new raw materials for the cement, concrete and paint industry.  

Currently he is the proud owner of an asbestos consultancy company-group (Admanstars B.V., Admanstars Advies B.V. and Admanstars Projects B.V.) that provides asbestos surveys, removal services, quality controls and specialist advice for courts and insurance companies.  With his 23 years’ experience he also makes valuable contributions in various ways to the development of legislations and regulations surrounding the subject of asbestos. This is evident from the many positions in various working groups an committees and his membership of industry organisations like VOAM (NL), Fedasbest (BE), FAAM (UK), Asbestonomy (UK) and FAMANZ (AUS+NZ).

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