Asbestos risks and poor regulation in Africa.

Asbestos risks and poor regulation in Africa

Asbestos has been identified in Africa as a great source of risk needing a strong leadership commitment for prevention and control. In the midst of these known risks is the absence of asbestos regulations across Africa Union member states. 

Sadly, only 7 countries amongst the 54 countries in Africa have asbestos legislation with 47 countries yet to discuss asbestos as an issue of National concern.

There are old buildings across many cities built with asbestos and people live in them, a number of asbestos operations are seen across several cities in Africa, they are never regulated. While the health risks may not be instantaneous, today’s exposure will lead to health crises amongst the exposed population in their later years.

Commitments from government and Policy makers are needed urgently as an intervention towards asbestos-related illnesses that could possibly break out in the future of Africa and Africans. 


President of OSHAfrica

A specialist in asbestos risk advocacy and awareness, Ehi is president of OSHAfrica in Nigeria. With 25 years’ experience, he has designed and supervised numerous workplace health and well-being assessment programmes for large organisations in Nigeria and parts of West Africa. 

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