Sharmin Sharna

R&D Engineer and Test leader - ITGA

Sharmin SHARNA is a highly skilled R&D engineer and test leader at ITGA, based in Rennes, France. She has specialized in characterisation techniques, particularly electron microscopes, and has amassed over six years of experience working in academic and industrial R&D across France, Germany and the UK.

 Sharmin is an accomplished speaker and will be presenting at the upcoming Asbestonomy event on “Artificial intelligence and TEM analysis of asbestos”. She firmly believes in scientific rigor, collaboration and proactivity, and her contributions to the development of a new CO2 capture technology are a testament to her commitment to excellence.

 Aside from her technical expertise, Sharmin is also dedicated to mentoring and supervising PhD students, and is passionate about making science accessible to a wider audience. Her unique artistic talent is evident in the abstract artwork she creates using microscope images and spectroscopic data.

 Overall, Sharmin SHARNA is an accomplished and multi-faceted individual with a broad range of skills and interests. Her dedication to her work and her commitment to scientific excellence make her a highly valued member of the scientific community.