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Conference 4 – ACM Removal and Waste Innovation

ASBESTONOMY 2022 ACM Removal and Waste Innovation Find out more about innovations and different techniques in asbestos removal and waste management (alternatives of burying), to ensure the workers protection. By Graham Gould & Olivier Pla

Conference 2 – Asbestos Detection

ASBESTONOMY 2022 Asbestos Detection Zoom on the exposure and toxicology of asbestos fibres (variety and characterisation), open debate on the necessity to detect and count all fibre types, including but not limited to WHO fibres (thin and short). Presentation of analysis techniques around the world (PCM, SEM, TEM), disagreement between countries and recommendation. What should …

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Conference 1 : Asbestos State of Art

ASBESTONOMY 2022 Asbestos State of Art Updates on how the European Parliament works on protecting workers from asbestos, zoom on the best asbestos management practices and regulations around the world, analysis of gaps between countries and opening to worldwide cohesion. By MEP Nikolaj Villumsen, Yvonne Waterman, Sven de Mulder & Charles Pickles