Muhammad Uzair Javed

Maintenance Engineer - Engro Fertilizer Limited

Muhammad Uzair Javed is a dedicated maintenance engineer from Pakistan with over four years of experience in the fertilizer industry. He is a certified and trained professional in asbestos sheet handling as per OSHA standard practices, having received training from SGS Pakistan.

 Currently, Muhammad works as a Maintenance Engineer at Engro Fertilizer Limited in Pakistan, where he implements health and safety guidelines as per Dupont standards while ensuring the reliability of equipment and safety of the workforce and environment.

 His intervention at the Asbestonomy event will be titled TL 3000 Asbestos Sheet Replacement Project, highlighting his expertise in managing asbestos in the industry. His conviction is to ensure safety and reliability in the workplace as a maintenance engineer, a commitment he takes very seriously.

 Muhammad’s achievements include the revamp and standardization of asbestos management practices on the site, which resulted in a safety culture with full awareness of asbestos hazards and their control. He led the idea of standardizing asbestos practices and successfully executed it, ensuring the safety of his workforce and making him proud of his professional commitment.

 Apart from his work, Muhammad is an avid learner who loves to network with people. He enjoys watching movies and traveling in his free time.

Overall, Muhammad’s expertise and commitment to safety in the workplace make him a valuable asset to any organization in the asbestos industry.