Hubert Dommergues


Hubert Dommergues is a Regional Sales Manager for DE DIETRICH PROCESS SYSTEMS, based in Paris. He specializes in the patented Asbestos neutralisation process developed by the DDWR – DE DIETRICH WASTE RECYCLING department. With many years of experience in the industry, including the development of an industrial demonstrator, Hubert has become a leading authority in the field of Asbestos neutralization.

Hubert is a firm believer in the power of innovation to drive progress, and he is proud of his contributions to the development of new solutions in his field. He is particularly passionate about DDWR’s new solution for eradicating Asbestos landfills, which he will be presenting at the upcoming Asbestonomy event.

Throughout his career, Hubert has been involved in promoting innovative technical solutions and has been recognized for his many achievements in the field. He takes an active part in the development and recovery of DE DIETRICH family group, which has a rich history dating back 339 years.

Although Hubert is dedicated to his professional responsibilities, he also knows how to unwind and have a good time. He has a playful side and plans to share an interesting fact about himself during the upcoming cocktail party.