Frédéric Giraud

Asbestos Technical Manager - SIDIANE

Frédéric Giraud is an experienced professional specializing in asbestos management. With a strong focus on ensuring safe working environments, Frédéric currently serves as an Asbestos Manager attached to the technical department. His expertise extends throughout France, where he actively oversees asbestos-related matters. Having joined ADX in 2015, Frédéric began his journey in the field by conducting diagnostics and later progressed to the role of Production Manager before assuming his current position.

Passionate about addressing the challenges posed by asbestos, Frédéric firmly believes that the well-being of individuals should not be compromised by occupational hazards. He is dedicated to upholding strict compliance with French regulations and standards related to asbestos management. Through proactive measures and comprehensive risk mitigation strategies, Frédéric actively works to prevent asbestos-related risks and protect both workers and the general population.

Frédéric’s professional commitments are marked by his proactive approach and commitment to preventive measures. He takes pride in his contributions towards minimizing asbestos risks by implementing the necessary precautions and ensuring adherence to industry best practices. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Frédéric Giraud continues to play a vital role in the field of asbestos management, ensuring the safety and health of individuals and working towards a future where occupational hazards are minimized.