Sven De Mulder

Project team-manager - OVAM

Based in Mechelen, Belgium, Mr. De Mulder is a project team-manager at OVAM Belgium (Public Waste Agency of Flanders).

Specialised in policy & regulation, politics, communication and nudging, Mr. De Mulder has worked at OVAM for 21 years. He started off as a project manager in waste removal and soil remediations, and since 2015 he is the asbestos field team manager.

During ASBESTONOMY Mr. De Mulder will be developing on how he creates stakeholders and political support, and how to create public awareness policy instruments to stimulate asbestos removal. Mr. De Mulder will also be speaking about how asbestos inventory can be a key-instrument when selling real estate using central software-database.

Over the years, Mr. De Mulder has achieved one of the first ambitious phase-out plans in Europe that he will share out. In Flanders, he participated to gain broad political support and the mobilisation of government funds to support owners in their asbestos removal works.

Mr. De Mulder has accepted to speak at ASBESTONOMY to help increase awareness for asbestos risk. It will also be an opportunity for him to learn, share knowledge, inspire people to work together on market innovation and ambitious asbestos policies.