Alberto Guerras Casado

AI in Asbestos Management: Streamlining Inventory and Removal Processes

Agforest will be highlighting the revolutionary impact of its technology on asbestos management. 

The company has developed an algorithm with 90% accuracy for the remote detection of asbestos, making it the world market leader in this field. In addition, Agforest has created the world’s first SaaS software for complete asbestos lifecycle management, simplifying tasks such as conducting basic asbestos surveys and certifying the presence of asbestos in building roofs. This technology considerably reduces the time needed for these tasks; for example, a city like Valladolid can carry out a census in just two months. Agforest has a proven track record of success in more than 28 Spanish municipalities, including Terrassa, Valladolid and Ibiza. 

Thanks to the application of geospatial data, Agforest’s solution is applicable to any country in the world, consolidating its leadership in the sector on a global scale.

Alberto Guerras Casado

CEO Grupo Labore

Partner of Agforest, in Madrid, Spain

Alberto Guerra boasts 20 years of extensive experience in the asbestos sector, demonstrating a long-standing commitment to excellence. His impressive array of certifications includes Ingeniero Técnico Industrial, Master in PRL (Safety, Hygiene, and Ergonomics), Inspector de Amianto UNE 171370-2, Coordinador de Seguridad y Salud, Perito Judicial, Auditor Energético, and Expert in Carbon Footprint Calculation. 

Alberto’s profound knowledge in integrated management systems for occupational risk prevention, quality, and the environment further underscores his expertise. 

Throughout his career, he has held significant roles in leading companies such as Prevensal Ingenieros and Grupo Labore, among others, solidifying his reputation as a trusted professional in the field.

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